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American Friends of Kurdistan statement on the Liberation of Kobani by Kurds and the International Coalition

American Friends of Kurdistan congratulates Kurds across Kurdistan and their Coalition partners on the anniversary of the liberation of Kobani.


The siege of Kobani launched in September 2014 by Daesh (ISIS) was a threat to Kurds, Syrians, and the entire world. The battle forced over 100,000 civilians to flee as Daesh surrounded Kobani. After weeks of fighting without any support, Coalition airstrikes began targeting Daesh strongholds around the town. On January 26, 2015, the brave people of Kobani stood their ground, using everything they had and heroically liberated their home.


We also remember the inaction by supposed NATO “ally” Turkey to join the fight against Daesh. The Turkish military watched the battle just across the border, refusing to aid the Kurds. 


Since then, a partnership between the international community and the Kurds of Syria has flourished, which continues to remain strong.


We will remember the battle of Kobani as a victory for the Kurds, for humanity, and a loss for radical Islamic terrorists.


Kobani is a symbol of freedom. Kobani did not fall.


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