The Kassy Dillon Show Podcast

Diliman Abdulkader joins Kassy Dillon on The Kassy Dillon Show.


Refugee Camp to American Dream: Why the U.S.-Kurdish Friendship Matters | Full Interview


Capitol Hill Policy Webinar

Russian Roulette: Putin's Increasing Footprint in the Middle East & North Africa.


Diliman Abdulkader joins a panel of experts to discuss the latest in the Middle East. Full Interview


Ground Truth Podcast

Diliman Abdulkader joins former CIA operations officer and author of 'The CIA War in Kurdistan' Sam Faddis to discuss Kurds, US-Kurdistan relations and AFK. Full Interview



U.S.-Iran Tensions

Diliman Abdulkader speaks with The Daily Caller on U.S.-Iran tensions, the death of Qassem Soleimani and the Kurds. Full Interview



U.S.-Iran Crisis

Diliman Abdulkader speaks with Armstrong Williams of The Armstrong Williams Show on the U.S.-Iran Crisis on ABC7. 



Is Turkey Coming Back?

Diliman Abdulkader speaks with a panel of experts on Turkey, hosted by Middle East Forum on Capitol Hill. Full Event


Turkey's Kurdish Question

Diliman Abdulkader speaks on Turkey's Kurdish Question in Washington, DC. Event organized by Frontier Alliance International in support of Kurds.


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